Best edging & barriers for flowers and grass in florida

The Best Edging & Grass Barriers for Flower Beds & Grass in Florida

One thing is for sure—many grasses grow well in the sunny-but-often-wet Florida climate. It’s fairly easy to grow many different ...
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Landscape Edging Options You Won't Find at Walmart

Landscape Edging You Won’t Find at Walmart—And WHY!

Walmart… You can find nearly anything you need at Walmart. From furniture to food, clothes to carburetor fluid—it’s all there ...
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Different landscape edging options for lawn or garden

Different Types of Landscape Edging Options for Lawn or Garden

Have you worked hard to get your landscape scenery just right, but still seem to be missing something? Look no ...
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lowes store background with "Can't I just buy metal edging at Lowe's???" banner

Can’t I Just Buy Metal Landscape Edging at Lowe’s?

One of the better investments you can make for enhancing the appearance of your lawn is landscape edging. Landscape edging ...
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EZ Connect landscape edging

EZ Connect Landscape Edging: Pros and Cons

Grass is growing green, birds are singing, the sun is out; it’s a beautiful season. Although, what also comes with ...
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Decorative Landscape Lawn Edging Choices & Options

Landscape edging is a great way to add to the overall appearance of your lawn or garden and increase the ...
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How to Edge Your Lawn with Metal Landscaping Options

Metal landscape edging has certainly lived up to its reputation of being one of the top landscape edging materials. Metal ...
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Types of Landscape Edging: Why Size & Depth ALWAYS Matter

Each landscape is different and thus, will require a variety of needs. Meaning, every type of landscape edging will not ...
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