Edge Right is the only edging of its kind, so you are bound to have questions! Our edging does not just edge… it controls. By driving EdgeRight deeper into the ground, you stop grass roots from growing under the edging.

Is this product too thick to curve?

It can be curved. The Corten steel is a lower carbon steel making it less rigid at this gauge/thickness. This is about the thickest material you can effectively curve.

How deep do grass roots/rhizomes go?

Depth can vary on your grass. Some of the most aggressive grass can dive 6″ deep in the soil. Most species stay in the first couple inches which is why we recommend burying Edge Right 4-6 inches deep. This ensures there will be nothing sneaking underneath!

Could I hit my sprinkler lines?

Sprinkler line depths can vary with climate, regulations, and installers. Edge Right is designed to be installed at 6-inches or less so it is typically not an issue. We recommend that you install with caution just to be sure.

What can I use to trim the material?

Edge Right can be cut with a metal cutting blade in most hand tools like hacksaws, reciprocating saw, angle grinder, etc. Another option is to overlap the pieces to achieve your desired length.

Will the top portion of the barrier be damaged by weed eaters?

Weed eaters will not damage the steel. The only effect may be some scratching away of the newly formed surface rust.