The Edge Right Fire Pit | Modern Steel Design | Precision Built | Long Burning
The Edge Right Fire Pit | Modern Steel Design | Precision Built | Long Burning
The Edge Right Fire Pit | Modern Steel Design | Precision Built | Long Burning
The Edge Right Fire Pit | Modern Steel Design | Precision Built | Long Burning
The Fire Pit

The Edge Right Fire Pit | Modern Steel Design | Precision Built | Long Burning

  • Perfect For Patios & Porches
  • Assembles in Minutes
  • Precision Cut, Durable, American Steel
  • Easy Empty Tray For Quick Cleaning
  • Designed For Long Lasting Burns
  • Sturdy All Season Design
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Proudly Made in the USA
Unit Weight: 259.0 lb

Why We Built A Solid Steel Fire Pit

We all want more nights outside by the fire. So we built a fire pit to keep you lit and warm no matter the seasons. Enjoy long-lasting fires, every night, with the Edge Right Fire Pit.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning your fire pit shouldn’t have to be hard. That’s why we built our fire pit with an easy clean tray. Simply lift and let gravity do the work so you can sweep away ash and debris in seconds.

What Makes Our Fire Pit Different

We were tired of traditional fire pits falling apart or rusting away. So we overbuilt a fire pit with ¼ thick A36 structural steel. Is it overbuilt? Yes...and that’s how we want it.

Payment Info

$1,249.00 or four interest-free payments of $312.25*.

Credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are accepted for full payment.

Shipping Info

Shipping is on us. That’s right. Simply place your order and we’ll rush it to your door absolutely free. We’ll send everything in five separate boxes ready for assembly.

Money Back Guarantee

We know not everyone is ready for the best. That’s why we offer a totally free, no questions asked, 45-day money back guarantee!

Why Choose Edge Right

We believe in making great memories. That means making products with materials as tough as the people that own them, with attention to craft, and so solid people sigh and say ‘They don’t make them like they used to’. We still do.

That’s why we built a fire pit to last as long as the memories you make with it.

Edge Right makes an all seasons, ¼ A36 steel fire pit. Its modern look and sturdy build will last as long as the memories you make with it. With durable steel, long burning design, and easy clean tray we know you’ll enjoy the Edge Right fire pit for years to come!

3 Reasons Customers Can’t Stop Raving About the Edge Right Fire Pit

It’s Easy Assemble Design

Putting the Edge Right Fire Pit together is easy! With the help of a friend you can put it together in just minutes without needing any extra tools, expensive extra parts, or difficult to follow instructions. Simply slide the pieces into place to quickly assemble it!

Long Burn Build Keeps Fires Roaring Longer

No one wants to constantly feed the fire. That’s why our fire pit features a -shaped auto-feed design. Simply insert your logs and let the Edge Right Fire Pit do the rest! Enjoy long-lasting fires without having to feed the flames all night!

It's Built From Durable All Seasons Steel

With every panel measuring ¼ thick you’ll be able to enjoy fires no matter the season! Whether you’ve gathered friends together on a cold fall night or have the family out for a snow- covered Christmas morning, the Edge Right Fire Pit is ready to go when you are!

How To Assemble the Edge Right Fire Pit

Our fire pit lasts for decades and comes together in minutes. We made this possible with a removable bottom tray. Simply lift, guide, and slide the six separate pieces together.

We suggest doing it with a friend-unless you’re that person.


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  • Made from ¼ A36 Steel
  • Durable, All Season, Steel
  • Free Shipping
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Clean slide
  • Auto-Feed Design

$1,249.00 or four interest-free payments of $312.25*.

Common Questions About The Edge Right Fire Pit

Yes. The surface will oxidize and generate rust over time, but that's ok. Because of the extremely thick steel used it won't be rusting through in your lifetime.

If a painted finish is desired, use a "High Temp" paint. Be prepared to reapply annually. Without paint, surface maintenance is not needed.

Without doubt. Covered, uncovered, in the snow, in the sun. It's built like a tank.

The lower plate is notched on the side to allow for removal and the dumping of the residual ash. It can be lifted out or tipped. The space underneath the firepit can accommodate underneath can accommodate trays to make the ash remove even easier.

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