Briston D

Briston D


Building a chain basin? Rain chains are a decorative alternative to a plain gutter downspout. As rain flows down the metal links, it is guided from the rooftop to the ground. But it’s the bottom of the rain-chain Briston was worried about when he bought Edge Right’s solution. 


Because installing a rain chain is mostly decorative, it’s important the entire feature be well-presented. Arrange small pebbles, mid-size rocks, or stones around the chain closest to catch small amounts of water, and enhance the decoration. Keeping those stones enclosed in either a basin or using an edged solution is a creative way to add a smart finish to your beautiful garden feature. 

Customer comment: 

Edge Right was a great choice. Easy to bend to shape needed and a breeze to install. Great quality metal that doesn't bend when hammering in. Highly recommended.

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