About Us


Edge Right was born out of frustration with traditional edging products – plastic, painted metal and weed intrusion. They always fell short. So, we set out to create something better.

Our love for Corten steel's timeless appearance led to the ideal material choice. Its rustic charm complements mulch and stands up to the elements. We carefully designed the gauge, teeth, and depth to make installation easy and effective.

Quality was our top priority; price came second. Our edging may cost more upfront, but it outlasts and only improves over time.

But our story goes beyond edging. We revived a Berry, Alabama factory that once made Martha Stewart's hardwood floors. When her fortunes changed, the factory sat dormant. We saw potential where others saw abandonment, restoring it into a hub of innovation and craftsmanship.

Manufacturing metal in this historic location was a deliberate choice, tied to Corten steel's enduring charm and the factory's legacy. At Edge Right, we embody resilience – of people and places.

Our commitment to quality runs deep, and our mission is to breathe new life into history. Whether it's in the landscape or the factory, Edge Right represents innovation, transformation, and enduring quality.

We're here to provide you with top-notch products and exceptional service, rooted in Berry, Alabama's rich history and our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

  • Roger Lewis, Jr. - CEO

    Roger, Jr. attained a BS in management from the University of Alabama where he graduated with honors. His long exposure to the bamboo industry provided unique insight to how grasses grow (as bamboo is a grass). Roger identified that if you can control the roots, you can control grass. He started a quest to find the most effective and economical way to control grass roots.

  • Rachel Lewis - Chief Communications Officer

    Along with being a great wife and mother, Rachel is in charge of making sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with our service. When you call Edge Right, you will more often than not have the opportunity to speak directly with Rachel. Having her on the front line of customer support allows us to take swift action in the resolution of any problems. She started working full time for us in 2006. Her knowledge and experience is a great asset for customers needing phone consultations.

  • Daniel Mullaly - President

    Daniel is our green card employee, originally from England. He has a broad range of technical expertise, crucial for the digital world in which our business operates. Daniel has helped fuel our growth and maintain strength in this rapidly evolving economy from digital marketing, internal production systems, and customer fulfillment.

  • Sid Busby - V.P. Materials (Steel)

    A certified entomologist with a background in pest control management, Sid Busby expertly oversees Edge Right's production and staff. Growing up alongside our founder, Roger Lewis, Jr., their shared history strengthens our team dynamics. Sid's dedication to excellence and his expertise in entomology make him an invaluable asset to Edge Right.

  • Ashley Kilgore - Office Manager

    Ashley is our newest steal from a large autopart manufacturing company. She is very proficient in customer and human resource management. If you have questions, you will find her a very helpful resource. We are very happy that she allowed us to steal her away.