About Us

My family has moved many, many times. During all the moves, we have been exposed to a multitude of edging products like plastic, rocks and painted metal. The plastic always deteriorated, the grass always grew between the rocks, and the paint always comes off painted metal.

I wanted something different, something that fixed all these problems. This is how Edge Right was born.

I had always loved Corten steel. It is used on beautiful buildings, train cars, and many ship hulls. This appearance was the exact look I wanted for my edging. The aged metal appearance of Corten is a great compliment to mulch and it can also take the abuse of the elements and string trimmers. At that point, I had the material that was perfect for edging, now the rest. I wanted it to be easy to install, control unwanted grass, and look better than my neighbor’s yards. :) This is how I decided on the gauge (thickness) of metal, the teeth design, and depth.

This is a no expense spared edging product. We started with making the best product first, then worried about pricing second. While an expensive product to install, this material is likely to outlive the person installing it. Other products degrade in appearance over time; our edging improves overtime!

Here are all the members of our team that get overworked to help provide you with a quality product and excellent service.

Roger Lewis, Jr.


Roger, Jr. attained a BS in management from the University of Alabama where he graduated with honors. His long exposure to the bamboo industry provided unique insight to how grasses grow (as bamboo is a grass). Roger identified that if you can control the roots, you can control grass. He started a quest to find the most effective and economical way to control grass roots.

Rachel Lewis

Chief Communications Officer

Along with being a great wife and mother, Rachel is in charge of making sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with our service. When you call Edge Right, you will more often than not have the opportunity to speak directly with Rachel. Having her on the front line of customer support allows us to take swift action in the resolution of any problems. She started working full time for us in 2006. Her knowledge and experience is a great asset for customers needing phone consultations.

Daniel Mullaly


Daniel is our green card employee, originally from England. He has a broad range of technical expertise, crucial for the digital world in which our business operates. Daniel has helped fuel our growth and maintain strength in this rapidly evolving economy from digital marketing, internal production systems, and customer fulfillment.

Denny Kilgore

Operations Manager

After experiences running retail location, production facilities, and garden centers, we were able to steal Denny from them in 2007. Denny was not a stranger before this point either. Denny and Roger grew up together and have been great friends. We are very lucky to be able to hire our friends and even luckier that they have the expertise and experiences need to add value to our company.

Ashley Kilgore

Office Manager

Ashley is our newest steal from a large autopart manufacturing company. She is very proficient in customer and human resource management. If you have questions, you will find her a very helpful resource. We are very happy that she allowed us to steal her away.

Greg Brown

Senior Manager

Greg is a great member of the team here at Edge Right. He is a crucial part of providing you with quality material and service. From loading a semi to making sure orders and packaging is correct, Greg is a multi-talented worker who always gets the job done.

Alex Kollmeyer

Team Member

Alex is a fun loving junior member of our team. He can be heard laughing over most of the shop and production area. He is very detail oriented and we are very happy to have him as a member of our team.