Installation Guide

EdgeRight is a breeze to install, with the laser cut teeth it slices through soil with ease. See our video or written instructions below, a paper copy will also come included with your order.

What You Need

Wood Block


Knee Pads

Safety Glasses & Gloves


Step One

Use an edger or shovel to help loosen the soil and define the path where edging will be installed.

Step Two

Position the edging with the teeth down along the defined path.

Step Three

Place wood block over the spine of the edging and drive down with a hammer.

Step Four

Place edging end to end unless overlapping to shorten length. Separate clamp on top of the pieces and drive down to secure clamp.



Sharp Bends

Place the block across the valley of the teeth, bend material to the desired angle while applying pressure to the block.

Gradual Bends

Stand the material on end and apply pressure to the middle in order to flex the material to the desired radius.

Elevation Changes

You can accommodate for slight hills or elevations changes by gaping the material at the joint and using the connector to cover the space.


Instead of cutting, overlapping the material is the easiest method to achieve the desired length. Our connectors are designed to cover 1 or 2 pieces of edging. Always point teeth away from you