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Easy Installation

The serrated teeth slice the earth nicely and securely.

Quality Material

All parts and components are made of Cor-Ten steel.

Cost Effective

Due to the longevity of the product that will rarely need replacing.


Develops a nice, rustic, patina that complements mulch and rocks.
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The EdgeRight COR-TEN Steel Raised Planter

A Complete Garden Bed Kit — Available in circular or rectangular options.

Raised Garden Boxes or Above-Ground Planters

Sometimes called garden boxes, are the perfect option for growing small plots of vegetables or flowers. Our EdgeRight raised garden bed kits made of COR-TEN steel with teeth that easily pound into the earth, also provide a barrier that protects from weeds and soil contamination, as well as deters slugs and snails.

Unlike wood or cheap roofing steel that's used in competitors’ products, COR-TEN steel is hearty and impervious to weather, pests, and other elements. Every component of our garden bed kits is made of this COR-TEN steel, including the panels, strips, and connectors. There are no wood, plastic, or cheap steel parts so these raised planters are durable and strong, making them a cost-effective investment since they rarely need replacing. The COR-TEN steel also ages beautifully, to a nice, rustic, patina that complements mulch and rocks.

Benefits of Metal Planters

Raised metal planting beds offer unique benefits for gardens, particularly in managing heat and its positive impact on plant roots. Here are the key points:

  • Improved Soil Temperature Regulation: Metal beds absorb and retain sun's heat, warming the soil more effectively. This is beneficial in early spring, leading to an earlier planting season. It stimulates root growth, enhances microbial activity, and improves nutrient availability.

  • Extended Growing Season: The heat retention extends the growing season in colder climates, as soil in raised metal beds stays warmer than surrounding ground.

  • Enhanced Root Development: Warmer soil conditions during early growth stages lead to faster, stronger root development. This is crucial for healthy plant growth and nutrient uptake.

  • Protection from Soil Compaction and Improved Drainage: Raised beds prevent soil compaction from foot traffic, ensuring a looser soil structure. This promotes better root growth and efficient drainage, reducing root rot risk.

  • Reduced Weed and Pest Infestation: The elevated design and metal barriers help reduce weed and pest invasions, leading to healthier plants with less nutrient competition and reduced root damage risk.

  • Control Over Soil Quality: Gardeners can completely control soil composition in raised metal beds, tailoring it to specific plant needs, including temperature preferences.

Raised metal planting beds offer a range of advantages for gardeners, from improved soil conditions to enhanced plant growth, making them an excellent choice for optimizing garden health and productivity.

Enhanced Raised Bed Kits

Our Raised Bed Kits have been enhanced with longer corner connectors. For upcoming projects, please note: the 8" Raised Bed Kits now feature 14" corner connectors, while the 14" Raised Bed Kits come with 24" corner connectors.

Every Raised Bed Kit now includes two 14" x 1.5" Vegetable Markers for Tomatoes and Peppers.