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Hammer-In Landscape Edging - Cor-Ten Steel - 4ft Strips - Plus Connector Clips

Hammer-In Landscape Edging - Cor-Ten Steel - 4ft Strips - Plus Connector Clips

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Premium Materials

1/4 inch thick rolled top edge and rugged 16 gauge COR-TEN steel deliver unmatched safety, aesthetics, and durability.

Installs In Seconds

Easy to bend and teeth that pierce into the ground.


Beautiful now and ages to a gorgeous, protective patina.

Weed Control

Deep enough to block most grass roots and weeds.

Heavy Duty

Holds back dirt, mulch, and rock. Plus, resists trimmer or mower damage.

Hammer-In Design


Yes, we said seconds. With our easy hammer-in / no-dig installation, each strip takes less than a minute to install. If you can swing a hammer, you can install this edging.

One of our customers installed 64 feet in just 2 hours. That's total project time, not just the edging installation!

Improves with age


Edge Right has no paint to chip off, no fading, just an ever more beautiful patina. As other products degrade with age, ours improves!

EDGE RIGHT is typically not pre-weathered, however most product will arrive with some patina already forming. The patina will continue to darken overtime as seen in the chart.



The rolled top edge offers seamless connections between edging strips for a continuous border. Its thicker rounded design provides enhanced durability against the elements. The smooth curved finish improves safety by eliminating sharp edges.



Many existing edging systems on the market simply sit on top of the grass. Edge Right goes deep into the soil, helping to deter grass and weed roots. It features an EPA pest device number (Reg. No - 94763-DV-2), indicating compliance with environmental standards.


Is this product too thick to curve or bend?

It can be curved. The COR-TEN steel is a lower carbon steel making it less rigid at this gauge/thickness. This is about the thickest material you can effectively curve.

What can I use to trim the material?

Edge Right steel landscape edging can be cut to length using standard metal cutting tools.

However, for added convenience and flexibility, we now offer short filler pieces in 24, 12, 6, and 4 inch lengths. These allow you to easily achieve your desired finished length without the need for cutting or overlapping. Simply select the appropriate filler piece size to seamlessly complete your edging project.

Can I use a rubber mallet to hammer in the edging?

A rubber mallet can be used to install Edge Right. However, the mallet has a lot of bounce when striking the material. We have found the best method is to use a steel hammer with a wood bump block positioned across the spine (imagine making a "T") of the edging.

Can Edge Right be installed in rocky soil?

Rocks can impede the installation, but are typically not an issue. Large rocks may make hammering in difficult, it's best to remove them if hit during the installation. This being said, Edge Right is very durable and can be hammered through most anything given enough effort.

How can I prevent the rust patina from forming?

The metal can be sealed with a clear coat to prevent rusting. Here are some of the most popular products for achieving this:

  • Rust-Oleum Clear Ultra Cover
  • Flood Floetrol (this is actually a paint additive but works fairly well on sealing metals)
  • Everbrite
  • KBS Coatings
  • ProtectaClear Coating
  • Spraymax 2K
  • Krylon CoverMaxx
Edge Right landscape edging is made of hearty COR-TEN steel that is designed to last. COR-TEN steel is marine-grade steel that is strong and durable - impervious to pests, the elements, and even contact damage - while also being pliable enough to bend or form into any shape desired.

The clean, crisp, lines of the steel make Edge Right an attractive landscape edging option too! In fact, Edge Right looks and performs better over time, in any climate or outdoor environment, as it acquires a strength-enhancing, beautiful, rustic patina finish as it ages.

Even better, Edge Right metal edging is easy to install in mere seconds. Installtion depth is 2-3" in most soils but can be installed deeper if desired. The individual edging strips haven sharp teeth that slice easily into the ground when just lightly hammered into the existing grass or soil. And because Edge Right penetrates into the ground, it provides a much better barrier to weeds and unwanted grass invading your beds and may even help prevent invasion by bugs and rodents.

No matter what shape, design, or style landscape you choose, Edge Right can be the perfect complement to that aesthetic, while also making getting and maintaining clean lines - and weed-free beds - a breeze!
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