Installation Video

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Influencer Installations

Quick installation from our partner Here She Grows.

Quick tips include
• Using a spade to define the path
• Wetting the soil
• Using body weight to bend Edge Right

Installing COR-TEN Steel Edge Right at Pinhotti Peak

Quick Tips Include
• Trenching with a machine for large areas
• Using the Protective Edge Guard for tires
A step by step installation from Homestead and Chill.

Quick Tips Include
• Using Landscape Fabric to make a straight line
• Having a partner to hold up the edging
• First, hammer the middle; then alternate sides to prevent edging pop-up

Landscape Edging Installation Made Easy with Brad Johnson.

Quick Tips Include
• Showing items that come in the box as well as extra installation necessities • Defining the path with an edging shovel
• Using a block to create a rounded corner