Erika H

Erika H


If you’re going to edge around a flower bed that is going to have wood replaced, metal edging is a great substitute that is solid enough to keep the dirt in.

Edging provides a permanent and extremely low-to-no maintenance metal edging to borders, garden paths, sidewalks or driveways. Additionally, edging can act as a bespoke feature for raised beds and terracing while keeping grass out of the beds. 


Erika demonstrates how she keeps her garden bed free of weeds using Edge Right’s solution. While mulch can suppress weeds it also creates a gentle slope from the bottom of the edge to the top of the bed. 

No matter where you live, grass, invading grass needs a durable solution. Learn more about how to set your garden bed up for success using Edge Right’s steel or grass barrier HDPE 100% recycled plastic solution here.

Customer comment: 

I purchased the 6x48 steel edging from you and I dug it! I am transforming my front yard from dead weeds to raised garden beds. I needed something to contain the wood chips. This product was ideal. 

It was easy to install. It is aesthetically appealing and I'm looking forward to the patina to develop. I have included before and after pictures.

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