Jacque B

Jacque B


Your choice of edging will hinge on many factors including vegetation type, landscaping design, how that suits your outdoor spaces and your budget. Edging your landscaped beds can help you to form a clean line of separation and prevent opportunistic weeds from encroaching on your garden, drive or sidewalk. Some edging methods prevent weeds better than others, although they all need a little maintenance to work their best.

What is not shown in the picture before is that there had previously been a fence just inside the sidewalk running the length of the property. The yard had been mostly attended for several decades so the fallen leaves had collected and the vegetation had spilled over onto the sidewalk. 


Jacque was able to remediate this issue by blocking the flow and growth of vegetation further using Edge Right’s low-maintenance solution. If you’re looking for a solution that keeps your lawn beds tidy without weeds or spillover, check out our blog for more information. 

Customer Comment:

Excited to send some before and after pictures of a slightly different edging application that I used your product for… After pulling out the fence I dug back to the edge of the sidewalk and used your Edge Right edging to create a crisp edge along the sidewalk. I added some additional height for soil retention by positioning some concrete pavers (that I uncovered in my cleanup process) behind the edging.

The edging was easy to work with and I am very pleased with how this turned out.

Also appreciate the fast shipping and the quick response when I had a question about my order. Pleasure to do business with your company - Thank you!

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