Joe B

Joe B


Stop worrying about people stepping on your yard and trampling the grass. Try revitalizing those areas of your yard that are starting to show tired grass and other signs of wear using a stone-step gravel pathway. 

Your own project budget and the planned use of the path will inevitably dictate the most appropriate solution, but the techniques shown on this page are useful, low-cost, low-maintenance metal-edged solutions that require very little technical expertise and time to develop. 


Enhance the texture and definition to any natural landscape by building an edge stone sidewalk. A stone-path build can add a rustic feel and fits more naturally into the landscape than other types of materials such as bricks, or concrete edging stones. Using the techniques shown here by Joe can help minimize the risk of lateral movement of the path’s pebbled features. 

No matter what kind of natural stone you choose, it’s easy to compliment your installation with our edging material to add a super-smart finish. Why stop there? It doesn’t look like Joe plans to, either!

Customer comment:

More projects in process.. Quality Product. Very easy to utilize.

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