Joe M

Joe M


Building a special landscaping feature using a selection of succulents and exotic plants to accent your native bedding plants is a great way to give your garden that WOW factor. These types of plants create a modern aesthetic and add movement to your garden in a way that isn’t dictated by clear defined lines, borders, or trim associated with more traditional garden landscaping.

Joe was facing issues with mulch spillover from his garden beds and was looking for something solid enough to keep the dirt and mulch from falling into the drive. 


For an unblemished landscape free of mulch and dirt, it’s important to keep your beds edged. Lining your garden bens with a minimalist edging solution, it’s much easier to keep mulch from spilling over or being carried by the wind. A little edging goes a long way to creating impact. 

Steel edging is an eye-catching strategy for the modern gardener because it adds a sleek finish and only gets more interesting as it oxidizes, adding further accent to any lush garden display. 

Customer Comment:

Product was easy to install with more than adequate instructions.

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