Susan P

Susan P


Using different shapes and materials as part of your garden design can help break up the area but, can also be a blight when it comes to maintenance. 

Sidewalk and patio edging gives a classic touch to your borders and can help prevent spillover from mulch, decorative pebbles, and even falling leaves. 


Giving your garden a professional-finish using a landscape edging solution will keep you from having to spend too much time trying to keep loose rock arrangements tidy even in bad weather.

Edge right offers an extremely versatile and durable solution that will suit any lawn or garden border. 

Customer Comment:

Before and after pictures of our Edge Right installation. So happy with the placement of Edge Right along our sidewalk from the driveway to the backyard! The decorative rocks always seemed to roll onto the walkway and Edge Right keeps them in place. Exactly what we needed to solve the problem AND looks like a professional did it!

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