7 ways to dramatically improve your yard with limited time or funds

7 ways to dramatically improve your yard with limited time or funds

Like it or not, your yard is a reflection of you. Everyone wants a pretty yard, but it can be tough to make the time or fit it in your budget. We’ve put together a list of 7 ways to dramatically improve your yard with limited time or funds.

Use Mulch Alternatives

Use Mulch Alternatives like: Pea Gravel, Stone, Volcanic Rock, even Rubber Mulch

Mulch is a great way to make your lawn beds look fresh, but as you know, the color quickly fades and needs to be replaced often. Here at Edge Right, our goal is to reduce the time required to maintain your yard, not increase it!

Stones, pebbles, and gravel are excellent alternatives that will last a lifetime and give your garden a beautiful modern look. Rubber mulch is another nice alternative, the color can & will still fade, but plastics take longer to fade. Rubber mulch is often a completely recycled product, and the earth will thank you.

Think Vertical

Add height to your yard with boulders, shrubs, ect.

Don’t just think at ground level! Adding height provides more visual variety. Arbors, large boulders, shrubs, trees, planter boxes, and statues (Gnome or otherwise) are just some great ways to add depth to your yard. There are great options for all budgets and can really make your stand out!

It’d be hard not to mention vertical gardens for this one. They are becoming very popular, especially for space-constrained green thumbs. Grow your favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs all from a single standing structure. Whether you decide to buy a pre-made stand or DIY one, they are great fun look great…(maybe stick to hardscape items if your green-thumb is not-so-green 😉)

Build an outdoor fire pit

Fire pit made with edge right

A great visual, and you might make some more neighborhood friends. There are limitless ways to create them, and they provide fun for the whole family. One of our customer’s built a beautiful one using our landscape edging, check it out!

Stone pathway

Slab + Gravel + Landscape Edging Pathway

Do you have a high traffic area where grass won’t survive, just mud? This is a perfect opportunity to make a stone pathway. Some people use brick or stone pavers, some gravel, many use a combo of both. Depending on the look you want, you may use some garden edging to keep the gravel or pebbles in place. If the area is a little bumpy, you may want to smooth it out with some sand first. A sprinkle of sand and a tamper tool will keep your OCD in check when installing pavers.

Choose perennials vs. Annuals

Perennial Flowers

As noted before, we try and save you time so you can enjoy your garden more. Perennials will come back every year, saving you money and hassle! This way, when spring comes, you can enjoy the blooms rather than dreading that annual garden center trip…

Outdoor Lighting

String hanging bulb lighting


With the popularity of low-power LED lights, prices have come down significantly!  Now everyone can afford solar lighting in their yard. Nothing to plug-in or trip over. Just stick them in the ground or screw them up, and you’re done! Finding quality ones can be a little tricky, so be sure to check reviews.

Up-lighting your beautiful trees, garden statues, allows them to be enjoyed 24/7. Lighting pathways are terrific too (for looks & safety), but don’t stop there!


Add some paint to current yard decor

Fresh coat of paint on fence in garden

A fresh coat of paint can revive just about anything. Paint ages quickly, it’s why we prefer COR-TEN steel where there is no paint involved at all. You likely have some items in your garden that could use some fresh paint, though. Get them cleaned off and hit them with a fresh coat. It’s not costly and will make all the difference.


There you have seven simple ideas to make your yard pop this season. Edge Right can help you with products for a couple of them. Our COR-TEN Steel landscape edging can hold back mulch/gravel, add vertical height to your garden, make a fire-pit, line your pathway, and more! It takes just seconds to install each piece, and our customers love it! In fact, many of these ideas came from pictures they’ve sent to us.

If you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear about them through our contact page!

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