Benefits of Landscape Edging: Edging Materials vs Natural Edge

Benefits of Landscape Edging: Edging Materials vs Natural Edge

You’ve put in the time to create a beautiful lawn—your landscaping effort and skill are now on display for all the world to see.


Too bad it takes much more effort to maintain that beauty than it probably did to create it. Perhaps MUCH MORE effort than you ever planned on having to expend?  In fact, maybe MUCH MORE effort than you ever imagined.


Sure, there are many benefits to landscape edging in general.  But is it worth the effort? And which is better—using lawn edging products or making and maintaining a natural landscape edge

First, a nicely edged lawn just looks good. Just like well-hemmed pants or a crisp collar, the clean, tidy, edge of well-manicured landscaping pretty much speaks of class and sophistication.


Second, creating a keeping a good edge line between lawn and garden, lawn and beds, or even lawn and hardscape elements, is actually healthier for all of the above.


When is a natural edge the best choice for landscape edging?


If you are just wanting or needing an edged lawn between lawn and hardscape—such as between lawn and a driveway or sidewalk, a natural edge might be desired. This way, there is nothing at all to distract from that edge clean line. Furthermore, implementing some landscape edging products along this line could make maintaining the edge with a mower when necessary, difficult or time-consuming.


When is a natural edge not a good idea as your landscape edging choice?

If you’re wanting a sharp edge between lawn and garden or lawn and beds, a natural edge is going to be a lot of work. The grass is going to naturally try and migrate into the garden or beds and thus, will not only require frequent mowing but also frequent electric edging and weed management too.


In general, it is likely best to consider why you want—or are considering—a natural landscape edge in the first place?


Are you considering a natural landscape edge because of the cost associated with a landscape edging product?


There are many landscape edging product choices that are affordable and still address the weaknesses or drawbacks of a natural edge. Even some of the least expensive landscape edging options can provide a good barrier between your landscape—and/or landscape and hardscape—elements.


Are you thinking about a natural landscape edge because you can’t find a product that complements your desired design aesthetic?


In the past, most landscape edging options have been too “something or other” that might not appeal to your home or personal design style.  Today, that isn’t necessarily true. There is a myriad of different landscape edging products on the market that can complement your home and personal style, from classic to rustic to modern, or even eclectic.


Edge Right is one product that likely addresses many of the reasons you might be considering a natural landscape edge.


Edge Right is a COR-TEN steel metal landscape edging option that is attractive, tough, and durable.  When new, this marine-grade metal edging is sleek and modern.  Over time, it ages to a beautiful, rustic, patina. Edge Right is also totally pliable and can form any desired design and shape—even curves and complete circles. It installs easily too since its sharp edge slices easily into the ground.


Edge Right also provides the perfect barrier between your lawn and other elements, such as sidewalks, gardens, or flower beds. Yet, it’s fairly unobtrusive when installed deep into the ground. Depending on your grass type—its height and root system—you can even somewhat “choose” the depth of Edge Right installation so that the amount of product showing above ground can be higher and more prominent, or lower and less visible.


Edge Right also isn’t harmed by contact from mowers and edgers when that type of maintenance becomes necessary—which isn’t too often since Edge Right forms a total barrier to grass and weeds invading into the surrounding landscape features.


Therefore, if you want the freedom of the reduced maintenance and upkeep that comes with a landscape edging product, with a look that doesn’t “shout” or intrude on the sophistication of a natural landscape edge, Edge Right might be the perfect product for your landscape edging needs.

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