But… Doesn't Metal Landscape Edging Rust???

But… Doesn't Metal Landscape Edging Rust???

Edge Right is a metal landscape edging product that is affordable, easy to install, durable, and beautiful.


But wait… Doesn’t metal landscape edging rust and just weaken, fall apart, and look… bad… as it ages?


Despite being a metal product, Edge Right doesn’t rust and degrade — in appearance or function — over time.


Why? How?

The primary reason Edge Right metal landscape edging doesn’t just “rust” and become ugly or useless, is that it’s made of COR-TEN® steel.  


Sometimes, COR-TEN steel is also designated in its non-hyphenated form—Corten®. It is also sometimes known as weathering or marine-grade steel. It’s often called this — weathering or marine grade steel — primarily, because it doesn’t oxidize like other metals or even other steel products.


According to their website, “COR-TEN® steel is a group of steel alloys which were developed to obviate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years. Weathering steel has increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion when compared to other steels.”


Generally, COR-TEN steel comes as a rolled product and today, has become commonly used in construction and architectural projects. It is bendable—pliable—and can be easily shaped into almost any form desired. It can also be hammered and welded like other steel products.


Perhaps, however, the best part of COR-TEN steel goes back to its imperviousness to negative or degradative forms of oxidation. Referring back to the COR-TEN website, they say, “COR-TEN® resists the corrosive effects of rain, snow, ice, fog, and other meteorological conditions by forming a coating of dark brown oxidation over the metal, which inhibits deeper penetration and negates the need for painting and costly rust-prevention maintenance over the years. In simple terms the steel is allowed to rust and that rust forms a protective coating that slows the rate of future corrosion.”


What does this mean to and for you—a user or potential purchaser of Edge Right metal landscape edging?


First, Edge Right is going to be hearty and durable over many years. It’s going to stand up to damage now—from weathering, pests, and impact—and over time.


Second, it’s going to look better—not worse—over time, as it oxidizes in only the best way. The beautiful patina that Edge Right develops will look amazing, the perfect complement to any design aesthetic with its gorgeous rustic appeal.


You can trust COR-TEN steel and Edge Right landscape edging, to not only look good, but to perform—now, and even moreso, into the future. However, it’s critical to know and note that the COR-TEN name is a trademarked and registered name and imitators just aren’t the same in composition, strength, or performance.

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