Can't I Just Buy Metal Landscape Edging at Lowe's?

Can't I Just Buy Metal Landscape Edging at Lowe's?

One of the better investments you can make for enhancing the appearance of your lawn is landscape edging. Landscape edging provides a nice crisp line that separates your lawn from your garden bed.

In fact, landscape edging offers several benefits like keeping the grass out of your garden bed, keeping the mulch in place, and significantly reducing the required maintenance to keep your lawn looking exceptional.

When it comes to landscape edging choices, there are numerous materials and styles from which to choose.

Among these choices, you will also find different levels of quality and price. Typically, you do not have to purchase the most expensive style of landscape edging if you want to enhance your lawns appearance. You’ve probably even noticed that there is a selection of landscape edging available at your local big box home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s.

Lowe’s advertises with the slogan, “Do it right for less.”  This basically means you can find just about everything you could possibly need for improving your home and lawn while staying within a budget. They employees are also usually easily accessible for assistance and willing to help in any way they can if you find yourself with questions or you’re not exactly sure what your next step should be.

It’s also true that Lowe’s offers several different landscape edging options made from a variety of materials such as plastic, steel, aluminum, rubber, and wood.

One of today’s more sought-after and desired choices from the above list, is landscape edging made from metal. Metal landscape edging is slick and chic, while doing a phenomenal job as a barrier for grass and mulch.

Before we talking about whether or not you can get quality metal landscape edging at big box home improvement stores like Lowe’s, let talk about 4 reasons why metal landscape edging has become so popular.

Metal landscape is easy to install.

Metal landscape edging can usually be installed rather effortlessly, creating a subtle but crisp border between your lawn and garden bed.

Metal landscape edging is easy to work with for different shapes and styles of landscape design.

Most metal landscape edging kits are also pliable, meaning they can be easily bent into the shape you desire to hug the border of your garden bed.

Metal landscape edging is durable.

The most common metals used for landscape edging are steel, aluminum, and iron. Steel and iron are heavier metals that are thin, but have no problem holding their shape.

Metal landscape edging is attractive.

Metal landscape edging is not only easy to install, pliable for many different shapes, and durable, it’s simply more attractive than most other options. Well, this is true if you choose the right metal landscape edging product.

This is one reason you might want to look for quality metal landscape edging at places other than a big box store like Lowe’s.

Edge Right, the metal landscape edging we produce, is made from marine-grade COR-TEN steel.

Unlike some other metal landscape edging that can start to degrade over time, Edge Right will develop a layer of oxidation over time, but this is “good rust” that simply turns the color of our product to a rich, bronze, patina that works aesthetically with a variety of landscape themes and designs. Furthermore, this layer of oxidation actually makes Edge Right stronger over time.

As mentioned earlier, metal landscape edging can be installed effortlessly in a minimal amount of time. Edge Right is no exception and in fact, is even simpler to install than most because it has serrated “teeth” that make it easier to embed into the ground. If your soil is hard, you may need to dig a thin and shallow trench to provide some extra support. If not, you can use a rubber mallet to hammer the metal edging right into the ground in the desired fashion.

All metal edging, including Edge Right, typically needs to be inserted into the ground about 2-3 inches, allowing some edging to remain above ground to keep grass clippings out and mulch in your garden bed. When installed correctly, Edge Right can help keep your landscape edge pristine and protected for many years to come.

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