Decorative Landscape Lawn Edging Options:  5 Choices

Decorative Landscape Lawn Edging Options: 5 Choices

When designing your landscape, you probably have clean lines and weedless beds in the forefront of your mind. Of course, aesthetics of the entire project is likely very important as well.


Lucky for you, decorative landscape edging can help you achieve all of these objectives.


Even nicer, is that you have many different options in decorative landscape edging to choose from, allowing you to achieve the look and functionality you desire.


Here are 5 decorative landscape edging options, based on design style, that are easy to install and allow you to get the look you want to achieve:


  1. Country style decorative landscape edging


If you’re looking to match a country style design aesthetic, one of the most common choices is picket landscape edging. This type of edging can be wood or plastic. It’s very inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors. Wood pickets can also usually be painted any color desired.  One drawback of this type of landscape edging is that it doesn’t provide a full barrier to keeping weeds, insects, pests, or animals out of your beds.


  1. Eclectic style decorative landscape edging


If you prefer an eclectic design aesthetic, you have several decorative landscape edging options. Some of those options might include glass, poles, mesh or net, and even old vinyl records have been used by some creative types. Pretty much anything that is not easily destroyed by weather or bugs can be considered.


However, it’s important to keep in mind that with these types of decorative landscape edging, the drawback hinges on that keyword—“decorative.” With any of the aforementioned items, there will be little in the way of protection. Generally, the object or material chosen will also need to be replaced frequently.


  1. Traditional or clean-line/simple decorative landscape edging


A very common form of traditional decorative landscape edging is cement-poured edging. Another is brick or block landscape edging. These types of edging do make keeping clean lines in your design easier but cannot prevent weeds from intruding into your beds or garden.


  1. Rustic style decorative landscape edging

For those who prefer rustic style landscape edging, there are several different choices. Wood, such as Railroad timbers, is frequently used. Stone is common too. Either of these two selections is attractive and usually weathers well for someone who embraces this design aesthetic. On the other hand, since these types of edging sit above the ground, they do little to prevent weed invasion and thus, still require you to perform quite a bit of maintenance to keep gardens weed-free.


  1. Transitional or “cross over” decorative landscape edging


Despite all these various choices in decorative landscape edging, what if you want function and a timeless aesthetic that can ‘crossover’ many different design styles? Not to mention, you desire an option that performs well in many different ways?


What if you had one option that could:

  • Help you maintain the clean lines of your landscape style
  • Keep out pests
  • Prevent weeds from invading your garden or beds
  • Look great—not only when installed, but also over time as it ages


Edge Right is a COR-TEN steel decorative landscape edging option that meets all of those criteria.


COR-TEN steel is strong and durable, yet also ages nicely to an attractive patina over time. Another thing that makes Edge Right such a great choice for landscape edging is that it installs easily due to its serrated teeth that slice through the ground with easy tapping from a rubber mallet. It’s also pliable—bending into almost any shape desired.


If you’re looking for a high-quality — yet affordable, beautiful, and easy to install — decorative landscape edging product that frankly works, check out Edge Right today!


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