EZ Connect Landscape Edging: Pros and Cons

EZ Connect Landscape Edging: Pros and Cons

Grass is growing green, birds are singing, the sun is out; it’s a beautiful season. Although, what also comes with this season is the constant maintenance your lawn tends to need while it is flourishing. One thing that could significantly lighten the load of maintaining the tamed look is a garden or grass barrier that creates a clean line between your grass and flower beds.

A grass or landscape barrier that creates a physical separation between grass and any plantings or flower beds is sometimes more commonly known as landscape edging.

Landscape edging or grass barriers create a crisp grass line to keep your yard looking exceptional.

There are several different materials that landscape edging can be made of, as well as numerous brands and companies that manufacture and/or sell it. Furthermore, as with everything, various styles and landscape edging options each have their own pros and cons.

To list just a few pros of landscaping edging

Landscape edging creates a “grass barrier wall” that prevents the lawn from invading the flower bed. It also keeps the mulch in place, keeping it off the lawn.

Additionally, by having a barrier between lawn and beds, the chances of you accidently mowing over your plants decreases. Not to mention, it keeps the foot traffic of humans out of your flower bed, preventing ruined plants. It also allows you to effortlessly trim around the edges after a crisp mow.

There aren’t many cons to landscape edging, but here are a few considerations to ensure you get the best results…

First, you just want to make sure you have the most compatible and reasonable edging material or landscape edging product, to fit your lawn, budget, and style. For instance, if you choose plastic as the designated edging material, you probably shouldn’t buy the cheapest thing offered. Unless it’s a specialty plastic, it is not going to ne durable and/or stand up strong for a long period of time. Therefore, you might want to invest in a higher quality plastic landscape edging to ensure it lasts more than one or two seasons (such as Grass Barrier).

Alternately, you could also choose a very durable and beefy landscape edging material like EdgeRight. EdgeRight is strong, COR-TEN, marine-grade steel that will hold up for MANY years. It’s attractive, easy to install, and it flat-out works. (Learn more about EdgeRight landscape edging HERE.)

Installation of different types of landscape edging can vary depending on the style, material, manufacturer and even your goals. 

This is another area that pros and cons, depending on the type of landscape edging you choose.

But there are three ways to make installation of your chosen grass barrier smooth and quick:

  • Option A:  Hire landscapers to install it for you.
  • Option B: Consider a simple, basic, landscape edging product that is easy to install, understanding that it might only last a short while and you’ll need to update, change, or upgrade it in a few years. One such option is EZ Connect landscape edging. EZ Connect is exactly that—easy to connect.  Meaning, it makes for a quick and simple installation. It is flexible, with no digging necessary. The locking connection system is secure, with stakes to be driven into the ground to keep it firmly in place. EZ Connect can be used for any landscape edging, around any flower bed, tree, or other landscape feature.
  • Options C: Invest in a quality product that doesn’t cost much more than EZ Connect, is also simple to install but is amazingly durable. If you’re looking for plastic edging, one such option is GrassBarrier. Grass Barrier is made of high-density HDPE plastic that is effective and crazy long-lasting. If you’re looking for something that is going to last even longer – the most durable landscape edging, standing attractive and solid possibly as long as you want or need it to – then you may want to check out EdgeRight, which is described in detail above.

Just always remember… the goal of landscape edging is to not only make your lawn easier to maintain, but also to improve the overall appearance of your outdoor property.

Sure, landscape edging requires a small investment up front, but it WILL pay off, saving you time and effort.

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