Landscape Edging You Won’t Find at Walmart—And WHY!

Landscape Edging You Won’t Find at Walmart—And WHY!

Walmart… You can find nearly anything you need at Walmart. From furniture to food, clothes to carburetor fluid—it’s all there.

And sure, you can find landscape edging there too. In fact, Walmart (and Lowe’s and Home Depot and Ace Hardware) ALL have fairly decent selections of landscape edging. After all, most of these stores have lawn and garden departments that can almost be a one-stop-shop for many home improvement-seekers. Especially those looking for a quick-hit, in-and-out, shopping excursion to pick up needed supplies and then quickly get back to the yard work.

Furthermore, to be fair, today, the selection of lawn products you’ll find at these big-box retailers has become pretty vast. Your choices have improved dramatically in recent years. However, the simple truth remains… you just can’t find everything you might want or need at these stores.

For example, there are several top-performing, high quality, proprietary landscape edging options you won’t find at Walmart.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, many of these landscape edging products are manufactured by niche-based companies that not only create these products, but who also market them and provide customer service. This level of attention to detail is something that went into their making of these products and they want to carry it through to their customers through selection, installation, and maintenance. It’s only by moving with the customer through the entire buying and usage cycle do they feel they can maintain the quality and integrity of their product.

In other words, these custom landscape edging products are choosing to stay out of the big box retailers because they’re truly in business for you—to meet your needs with a quality product that they stand behind and support.

What many people are surprised to find about these proprietary landscape edging products, is that while quality, durability, and service are top-tier, pricing is usually very comparable to what you would encounter for landscape edging at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

Two such landscape edging options that fit this bill are Grass Barrier and Edge Right.

Grass Barrier is a high-density HDPE recycled plastic landscape edging product that is inexpensive and easy to install for non-professionals.

Grass Barrier is a top-quality product and while the HDPE material is strong and durable, it’s also totally malleable for a variety of landscape designs. Furthermore, it’s wide/tall and can be placed deep into the ground to be a barrier for all types of grass, even those that go deep into the ground. Grass Barrier is also puncture resistant and you can still edge around it.

Grass Barrier installs in 3 simple steps:

  • Dig a trench
  • Insert the edging
  • Back-fill and pack the dirt you shoveled out back into the trench

(More on the installation of Grass Barrier high-quality plastic landscape edging HERE)

Another specialty landscape edging product is Edge Right.

Edge Right is a more durable landscape edging product, even slightly more so than Grass Barrier. It’s made of a beefy COR-TEN, marine-grade, steel that will last and last and last.

Edge Right totally blocks grass from spreading underground, unlike other edging types. It is made with “teeth” on the bottom edge so that installation is literally almost as simple as it comes. Truly, this product can be installed in minutes by digging a slight trench and then using a rubber mallet to tap it into where you want it.

Even though Edge Right is practically invincible compared to other landscape edging selections, it’s totally pliable and attractive. And sure… over time Edge Right will develop a “good rust” — a slight weathered patina finish. However, this only makes it stronger and MORE aesthetically attractive!

While you can’t find Grass Barrier or Edge Right landscape edging at Walmart, you can find it easily at the links below. Check these products out if you’re looking for landscape edging that performs and is affordable, while also having impeccable beauty AND customer support. You won’t be sorry.

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