No Dig Landscape Edging:  Does It Work for All Grasses?

No Dig Landscape Edging: Does It Work for All Grasses?

If you are into landscaping, you likely love the way that a clean-edged lawn looks—with a crisp division that separates your lawn from garden or lawn from flower beds. Yet, it can be difficult to get that sharp divide initially and even harder to make sure that it stays that way.

Fortunately, today there are many landscape edging products on the market that can make getting and keeping that clean, crisp, edge of your lawn so precise initially, and over time. These products range from those that are cheap to those that are relatively expensive; and those edging options that are easy to install or those that require a lot of extensive work and effort to put into place.


Three main categories of landscape edging include no dig landscape edging, in-ground landscape edging, and those that fall somewhere in between—or even across—both of the two main, different, types.  Obviously, no-dig landscape edging is often among the cheapest landscape edging products and usually, also among the easiest to install.


But is no-dig landscape edging always the best answer for everyone—for every lawn and garden or bed, and every lawn design and aesthetic?


Perhaps even a bigger question is… does no-dig landscape really work? Or even more specific… does no-dig landscape edging work for all grasses?


First, it’s important to consider why you might choose each of the different types of landscape edging.


No-dig landscape edging is most often chosen for its value and appearance or because there are a variety of different no-dig landscape edging options available for most any style and design.


Pros of no-dig landscape edging:


  • Usually a good value—there are low-cost options available that look good and make edging easier
  • Provides a good barrier from lawn pests
  • There are options available for almost any desired aesthetic—such as timbers, rocks, bricks or even at the more expensive end, poured concrete


Cons of no-dig landscape edging:


  • Not always the most durable of options
  • Some of the no-dig landscape edging choices can be easily damaged or moved when lawn maintenance is done
  • No-dig landscape edging isn’t able to block weeds or grass from growing underneath and invading surrounding areas


In-ground landscape edging is often selected more for its ability to block weeds and grass from crossing the barrier between the two areas, than for its style or appearance.



  • Typically, in-ground landscape edging is not damaged significantly by impact from lawn tools such as rakes, edgers, and mowers
  • Generally, it makes maintaining a crisp edge much easier
  • Because it does install into the ground, it can usually be effective at blocking grasses and weeds from invading beds


Cons of in-ground landscape edging:
  • In-ground landscape edging options are generally pricier than most no-dig edging options
  • These in-ground edging choices can be a little more intensive to install
  • Visual and design options can be somewhat limited


Taking into account all these pros and cons of each of the styles of landscape edging, it’s time to revisit the original question… is there ever a time when no-dig landscape edging just won’t work? Can it—does it—work for all grasses?


Again, no-dig landscape edging is not going to be the best choice if the reason you are installing landscape edging is to keep grasses from invading your garden or flower beds.


Because no-dig landscape edging is not installed into the ground, it is going to be relatively easy for even shallow root grasses to cross into the bed areas. This means that weeding and lawn and garden edge maintenance is still likely to be at least relatively time-consuming, with frequency required.


This is going to be especially true with the hardier grasses, with deeper root systems, such as Bermuda grass.


Thus, if you are considering purchasing and installing a lawn and landscape edging product to keep your lawn and landscape edging clean, and to prevent grasses from invading beds, no-dig landscape edging may not be your best choice. This is likely to be especially true if you have grass with a root system that goes deeper into the ground.


Yet, there is good news! Edge Right is a metal landscape edging product that not only looks good and lasts a long time but is also virtually maintenance-free. Edge Right also installs easily and deeply in the ground with minimal effort due to its sharp edge that slices effortlessly into the earth. In fact, it installs so effectively and deeply that it can be an effective barrier against many kinds of grass — even Bermuda — crossing over into flower or garden beds. Even better, you can edge and mow right up to Edge Right without fearing that you might damage the edging itself.


Therefore, while no-dig landscape edging might not be the best choice for maintaining a clean edge for all grasses, Edge Right might be just the right landscape edging product for you!

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