Trex Landscaping Edging: REALLY the Best Landscape Edge Option

Trex Landscaping Edging: REALLY the Best Landscape Edge Option

You want your lawn or landscape edge to look good when it’s first installed and over time. Of course, you also want it to perform well too. After all, maintaining clean lines by creating a border that is not only easy to maintain, but looks good as well, is likely one of the reasons you decide to spend the time and money on landscape edging.


Trex is most widely known as a composite decking product and brand. For a period of time, however, many enterprising DIY’ers even started looking to and at Trex as a viable — effective, beautiful, and affordable — option for landscape edging.


Yet, what about Trex for landscape edging? Is it really the best landscape edge option?


One of the reasons people began to look at Trex landscape edging as an alternative to other types of landscape edging available on the market, is largely due to its composite construction.


What does this mean?


Trex is a manufactured decking product that has been able to closely mimic the appearance of high-quality, natural, wood.


Thus, Trex is attractive for sure. But it’s also extremely durable. Trex decking lasts a very long time, outdoors, in even the harshest of conditions. Even if Trex might cost a little more upfront, this cost is leveled — even recouped — over time since it almost never needs to be replaced. Furthermore, its composition also helps ensure that Trex composite decking will require very little maintenance over time in addition to its other benefits, also reducing long-term costs.


On the other hand, can the benefits provided by Trex be realized in other landscape edging products that might be even more cost-effective, easier to install, and durable over time?


There are other landscape edging options that are a perfect match for those seeking a landscape edging product that won’t break down over time and that isn’t painful to the pocketbook or wallet.


One such product is Edge Right metal landscape edging.


Edge Right is made up of a beefy, yet beautiful, Cor-Ten steel. This type of steel is also known as marine-grade steel and it doesn’t rust like other metals. In fact, Cor-Ten steel ages in only the very best way. As time passes, it develops a hard “shell” that not only creates a rustic patina that looks gorgeous with almost any style landscape and home design, but that also makes the metal stronger as well.


Because Edge Right is made of this hearty and high-performing material, it too will get more attractive — and strong — the longer it’s in place. This is true even when taking into account the harsh sunlight, rain, and other weathering factors that outdoor landscape edging is exposed to every day.


Perhaps equally important to the beauty, strength, and durability of Edge Right is the fact that it’s also affordable and easy to install. The in-ground side of Edge Right has sharp, serrated, teeth that slice into the ground easily so that it can be installed with just a few taps of a rubber mallet or hammer. And even though the Cor-Ten steel Edge Right is so strong, it’s also bendable and pliable—forming easily into any shape desired.


Summarily, Edge Right — while being composed of a material completely different than Trex landscape edging — still offers many of the same benefits. However, as described, it has many additional benefits over Trex, as well. 


But that’s not the only similar-featured option you have for landscape edging that will — quite literally — stand the test of time.

Another option to consider for long-term, durable, landscape edging is Grass Barrier.


Grass Barrier is a recycled plastic landscape edging that will change the way you see — and think — about plastic landscape edging forever.


This HDPE landscape edging can hold up in any weather, under any conditions, for up to 100 years. It’s also puncture resistant with up to 200 pounds of pressure. It’s also not brittle like injection molded material and does not splinter like fiber and composites. Even better, our barrier has a smooth surface for a clean appearance and doesn’t hold dirt. 


Furthermore, like Edge Right, Grass Barrier is also landscape edging that is easy to install. Grass Barrier comes in a roll that is available in ten feet increments and is simple to put in place simply by digging a shallow trench, tapping it in, and then backfilling the trench with the dirt that was removed when it was created.


The color of Edge Right is a sleek black and thus, like a favorite black suit or dress, it looks good anywhere—no matter the existing look or style of your home, lawn, or garden.


By now, it should be easy to see that if you want a durable, gorgeous, clean-lined landscape edge created with a product that will stand the test of time, your options aren’t limited. You don’t have to repurpose another product, simply to get the benefits offered by that product, if it doesn’t have all the other features you want or need—especially when there are other products that DO, ready and waiting for you to pick up and use.

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