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The perfect circle shape won't bend, move, or collapse with wind and weather.

Effective Barrier

Keeps grass rhizomes from invading inside the circle.


Impervious to damage by bugs, pests, and weather.

Premium Materials

Made of hearty Cor-Ten steel that develops a nice, rustic, patina.
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Tired of pesky weeds and roots invading the space around your tree root systems? Our COR-TEN steel EdgeRight Tree Ring Kits solve this problem while also allowing the tree to grow properly, without hindrance.


Unlike rubber mulch mats which can prevent trees from breathing — or brick tree ring kits that can be expensive, cumbersome to install, and don’t provide a true barrier to grass root intrusion — our tree ring kits are easy to put in place and simply put, they work. Even better, COR-TEN is a beefy and durable, yet pliable, steel that looks better over time as it ages to a nice, rustic, patina.

To install the EdgeRight Tree Ring Kit, use the serrated teeth of the ring to hammer it firmly into the ground. You’ll then fill the interior of the ring with mulch or gravel—any product that still lets water penetrate through to the ground.