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Constructed of flexible PVC with internal metal clips for superior grip strength.


The 22 foot roll provides enough material to cover sides and top of our standard 20 feet packs of edging.

Use our edge guard to cover the top edge and sides of your steel landscape edging. Great for high-traffic areas and those with pets. The sleek profile allows the visual appeal of our edging to remain but with added protection. Inside the soft PVC plastic are flexible metal clips to provide added protection and enhanced grip to the edge.

Seamless Edge

The edge guard is easily installed by pushing or gently tapping on with a hammer. The guard is wide enough to fit over our connecting clips too. This provides a seamless top edge on your landscape edging installation. edge guard installed on steel landscape edgingedge guard installed on steel landscape edging and connector

Corner Protection

The edge guard may either be wrapped around the side edge, or 1/2 to 1 inch can overextend from the top edge. edge guard installed on steel landscape edging edge and corners