Harry B

Harry B


A pebbled path clustering a grass border is easily rippled by the wind and demands an edged border solution.

Even in the smallest of delineated areas, narrow, strategically edged borders can add a modern style to your landscape and contribute significantly to the value of your home.

Lining clusters of flowers and herbs within garden beds is a popular look for featuring plants. Installing an edge around these beds is a guaranteed way to keep your garden looking tip-top through the summer and winter months.


As Harry has demonstrated, using a metal edged solution across garden beds, rock gardens, and as a way to keep grass from growing along landscape areas in peripheral areas of your home, can add a dramatic look for any to any home or garden.

Customer Comment:

Thanks for supplying a great product!

Attached are photos of my progress in installing your product. I will eventually install over five hundred feet around our home. This has been a perfect solution to our issue of the “rock mulch” constantly rolling down from the landscaping, across the flush brick border and into the lawn.

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