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Ryan S


Creating a physical border to keep grass out is one of the best options to keep a clean finish to your bricked, formal landscape design. With edging, size, depth and thickness of materials will always matter. 

A modern garden design requires edging that will be durable enough to withstand a weed wacker but not so thin (e.g. gauge) steel that it bends when people step on it. 


We understand that most homes and gardens are bespoke, which is why we tailored our product to be flexible, work around curves, and even acute corners beautifully. With multiple types of edging to choose from, edge right can fit any budget or grass type.  

If you are looking for a solution that’s going to add, not detract, from your landscaping efforts, and save you both time and hassle, edge right’s metal landscape solution is a creative way to set your design apart. Edge Right’s solutions are easy to install, and guaranteed by tough COR-TEN® steel that actually looks better over time, not worse. For more information, visit our blog

Customer Comment:

What an amazing product. So easy to install. Great for all the curves and corners. Such a clean sleek look. Absolutely impressed with my Edge Right edging.

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