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Sarah H


If your pathway is falling apart from weathering, installing a new, customized walk way is easier than ever. A gorgeous tip-toe stone, paver, or flagstone pathway can be a perfect solution to accent well trodden areas of a driveway or garden and can take under a week to build. 

Edge Right is designed to conform to the shape of the garden walkway and can be secured easily, preventing grass from growing into the pathway. Supplementing the path with heavy gravel will also make it more difficult for weeds and vegetation to grow around the main stepping stones. 


Edging your pathway couldn’t be easier. We offer a hammer-in solution or, if using a plastic solution, you can use a garden spade to edge the perimeter of the path to excavate the area. Our metal edged solution is 6-8MM thick but ultimately, the depth will also depend on how level the surface is. 

All in all, edging an area of this size (pictured) can be completed over the course of an afternoon when using an easy edged solution such as Edge Right.  

Customer comment: 

I loved this product! So easy to install! I'm pregnant and my husband loathes these types of projects and we completed our project under an hour, with much less headache than expected.

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