Lawn Edging Materials: How "Strong" Do They Really Need to Be?

Lawn Edging Materials: How "Strong" Do They Really Need to Be?

There is no shortage of landscape edging options on the market today. Pretty much—if you can imagine a design or style you’d like to implement into your landscape or hardscape design, you can find a landscape edging product to suit you!


In fact, there are so many choices for landscape edging available, it can be hard to choose which one is better, much less the one you truly want. This is especially true because each potential selection espouses their respective “virtues” — the benefits of their particular landscape edging— so loudly.


Pretty much every choice in landscape edging believes they are affordable. Nearly all say they are “attractive” or even “beautiful.” Most state that they’re “durable.” But perhaps the most common benefit that nearly all of the top or best landscape edging options claim to possess, is that they are “strong.”


Yet, when it comes to lawn edging materials, how strong does landscape edging really need to be?


First, let’s talk about why strength is important for landscape edging at all.


Lawn edging products should be strong enough so that they can be installed — and stand — without bending or breaking in undesirable ways.


One downfall of many of the cheapest landscape edging products begins before it ever starts to do its job—it can’t even withstand installation. If a lawn edging product isn’t at least strong enough to be put into place without bending or breaking, it’s going to be practically useless over time. And that’s if you don’t get so frustrated trying to install it that you give up, just throw it in trash, and go spend again on something else that is more substantial.


By now, we all pretty much know that cheaper is not always better when it comes to anything we purchase. Yet, sometimes, even the smartest of us gets lured in by products that are less expensive but claim to perform just as well as other choices on the market. However, when we go to use that product, we often find that while anyone can claim anything, the truth or reality is often very different. If a lawn edging product can’t even withstand installation, what do you think will happen as time passes?


Landscape edging options must be strong enough to stay standing in different types of weather and through mild to harsh element exposure. 


Maybe a landscape edging option can be installed just fine… that doesn’t necessarily mean it can or will stay standing if exposed to harsher challenges. Sun, rain, snow… all can wreak havoc on landscape edging products composed of inferior materials or that are simply poorly made.


Lawn and landscape edging should be strong enough so that it’s not be easily damaged by physical impact.


One important desire that propels many to consider lawn and landscape edging in the first place, is the quest for the clean “edge” of the lawn or landscape line. A critical component in that is being able to edge or mow along that line. If a lawn and landscape edging product gets damaged or “chewed up” with this regular maintenance, it’s going to need repair and replacing way too soon or frequently. Thus, even if such an option seemed attractive or cost-effective at first, any savings is going to be negated over time.


It seems pretty clear then, that strength in lawn and landscape edging is fairly vital. Yet, moving back to our original question… how strong does it really need to be?


Many products can surely meet the standards we’ve set out above. However, the degree to which they do so, will be impacted by the degree of strength they provide. Weaker products might just meet these standards but how well and for how long? Furthermore, why take this chance if you have other options that are as cost-efficient and more effective, at the same time?


Edge Right landscape edging is a metal landscape edging product that not only claims to be strong, but whose material — Cor-Ten marine-grade steel — has been proven to be one of the strongest materials available on the market today. Cor-Ten steel is beefy and durable—almost impervious to all elements and weathering.


On the other hand, despite this toughness, Edge Right is pliable and bendable into any shape as well. The icing on the cake is that Edge Right ages in only the best way—looking better over time as the metal transforms into a nice, rustic, patina that works well with nearly any decor. If you’re looking for a strong, yet beautiful, lawn and landscape edging product, you owe it to yourself to check out Edge Right today.

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