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Easy Installation

The serrated teeth slice the earth nicely and securely.

Quality Material

All parts and components are made of Cor-Ten steel.

Cost Effective

Due to the longevity of the product that will rarely need replacing.


Develops a nice, rustic, patina that complements mulch and rocks.
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The EdgeRight COR-TEN Steel Raised Planter

A Complete Garden Bed Kit — Available in circular or rectangular options.

Raised Garden Boxes or Above-Ground Planters

Sometimes called garden boxes, are the perfect option for growing small plots of vegetables or flowers. Our EdgeRight raised garden bed kits made of COR-TEN steel with teeth that easily pound into the earth, also provide a barrier that protects from weeds and soil contamination, as well as deters slugs and snails.

Unlike wood or cheap roofing steel that's used in competitors’ products, COR-TEN steel is hearty and impervious to weather, pests, and other elements. Every component of our garden bed kits is made of this COR-TEN steel, including the panels, strips, and connectors. There are no wood, plastic, or cheap steel parts so these raised planters are durable and strong, making them a cost-effective investment since they rarely need replacing. The COR-TEN steel also ages beautifully, to a nice, rustic, patina that complements mulch and rocks.

Enhanced Raised Bed Kits

Our Raised Bed Kits have been enhanced with longer corner connectors. For upcoming projects, please note: the 8" Raised Bed Kits now feature 14" corner connectors, while the 14" Raised Bed Kits come with 24" corner connectors.

Every Raised Bed Kit now includes two 14" x 1.5" Vegetable Markers for Tomatoes and Peppers.