Hammer-In Landscape Edging – Cor-Ten Steel – 4ft Strips – Plus Connector Clips

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Edge Right is the ultimate grass edging that will last a lifetime. Unlike other brands Edge Right has teeth that slice through dirt with ease when hammered into the ground. The deep barrier keeps grass from sneaking under and infiltrating your flower beds, giving you more time to enjoy your weekends!

Installation: For best results run along your installation line with an edger to provide a guide when inserting. Insert the border and pound in with a hammer. In order to avoid damage to the metal use a wood block rather than hitting the metal directly. Install as deep as you wish, most grass rhizomes stay in the top 2 inches of soil. Use caution where you install Edge Right, above ground edging can be a tripping hazard.

About Cor-Ten Steel: This product uses 100% A606-T4 weather steel, also known as COR-TEN. Cor-Ten is known for its high tensile strength and unique weathering ability. Cor-Ten forms a protective rust coating that regenerates when continuously subject to the weather.

Sealing Edge Right to Prevent Rust: If you wish to protect the metal surface from rusting, we recommend a few products options. Floetrol by Owatrol, EVERBRITE or Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel. Before applying any product, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the surface.

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6 inches, 8 inches

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Hammer In

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Raw Cor-Ten Steel

16 reviews for Hammer-In Landscape Edging – Cor-Ten Steel – 4ft Strips – Plus Connector Clips

  1. Megan Casenhiser

    After a week of running the sprinkler system daily plus a few days of rain, we began installing this corten edging this weekend in softer ground. We actually used an electric handsaw to give us our starting line for the edging and the teeth will did the rest once we started pounding each piece in. I recommend pounding the edging in closer to the center rather than on the ends. When you pound a piece in on the left edge, the right edge is going to pop up out of the ground. We adjusted the sizing of our grass area a bit to better fit these pieces and avoid having to cut them, however, we do have to cut a few pieces – thankfully I have family that works at a machine shop so I won’t have to do this on my own because I think that would be relatively difficult without the right equipment.

    The edging looks great pre-patina and after leaving it outside prior to install it was exposed to some rain/sprinklers and has already begun to patina nicely. Clips are a bit bulky but go in very easily and conceal the seams nicely. I was looking for something that would be create more of a smooth line for the edging, however, I think once the patina builds and the grass grows up to the edging, the clips will blend in and be less noticeable.

    Corner Clips! Seams for a straight line are easy to close up with the clips provided, but corners have to be met just right with two pieces of edging.

    Originally, I thought this was a 3 pack of 12ft sheets. When the box arrived I quickly figured out it was a 3 pack of 4ft sheets TOTALING 12ft.

    This product is priced just under what I had a few local companies quote to custom cut and deliver corten in longer edging sheets.

  2. Becky

    strong enough to bend it as our fence curves so I do have a gap i’m trying to fill in. easy to install with rubber mallet and chunk of wood. helps to loosen dirt first as instructed.

  3. Todd Henry

    easy to install and sturdy

  4. Shana Koch

    I love love this edging! It was easy to install. I put it along my sidewalk to form a barrier between it and my mulch. It followed the curve of my sidewalk beautifully. The willow edging I had there before was expensive and it only lasted a few years, but this edging will last forever and look great while doing it!

  5. Kimberly Butts

    It did exactly what it said it would do. Very study.

  6. Gloria J Arthur

    My husband was very pleased with the product. It was easy to install with a rubber mallet. We used it to edge around our air conditioning unit to protect it from the lawn mower. We filled it in with decorative stones. It’s very sturdy and attractive. We would buy it again.

  7. Michael S. Crawford

    Strong, sturdy, and it is hard to imagine not lasting. I’ve tried a number of different options, and this is far and away the one I would expect to be where I put it in ten years.

  8. Colonel

    Super Expensive but Super Effective. This is seriously tough edging. The edging can be pounded into the ground with the use of a mall and a chunk of 2×4 (to protect the top edge from damage). Would recommend.

  9. LW

    Heavy Duty But Expensive. You only get 20 ft., and it weighs a ton so probably much of the price is to compensate for shipping.
    I wish the teeth were not so deep, after pounding in deep enough to get the teeth good and buried you have maybe 5 inches above ground.

    All in all though a good edging.

  10. J Walsh

    Nice edging…but $$$. These did the trick. Would buy again…just wish they weren’t so expensive.

  11. rozboz

    Solid steel, solid product. Used it to edge around a flower bed that is going to have wood replaced, solid enough to keep the dirt in. Easy to pound in. Some commenters talked about the edge bending and using wood but the amount of bending is minimal and not noticeable and I don’t think it is necessary. I bought another package as soon as I got the first one in, this stuff is great.

  12. Kyle

    Just as desired/ expected. Materials used for construction seem very sturdy and will likely be a much better long term solution than any plastic edging.

  13. Kindle Customer

    Fabulous. We used this around our small pond to keep stones and dirt out. It is super strong, think, heavy and easy to bend. It hammers right into wet soil. Great quality that will last a long long time. Looks nice too.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Great product! Very sturdy and they look great.

  15. Tim Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Edge Right edging as a sort of footing for my fencing that is on a down slope. It stops erosion and prevents critters from digging under the fence, and looks very handsome while doing it!

  16. James Benn (verified owner)

    Product was shipped promptly and received in good shape.
    We were fortunate and had received quite a bit of rain prior to installation so pounding the edging into the ground was not an issue. I can’t recommend strongly enough using a lawn edger to cut a slot to drop the edging into prior to pounding the edging to finish height. Also I attached a small bubble level to the edger so I could assure the slot being cut was vertical. One other installation tip would be to pre-bend pieces that will be part of a curve by placing one end on the ground and then push down on the other end to create a bow in the edging section. I don’t know that this is necessary but when the installation was complete I I added a pop rivet on both sides of each joiner to pin joiners to edging strips. The logic here is if freeze/thaw cycles move the edging sections around a little at least they will move together.
    I looked under a lot rocks before I selected this product for our project. Simply stated I think the Edge Right system is best lawn edging system to come around in a very long time and cannot recommend it more!

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