John S

John S


Edging in sandy solid presents its own set of issues and difficulties -- and most product options out there become compromised after only a short time in salty, sandy soil. 

Don’t get what you pay for, get a solution that’s going to work for your particular home and landscape. If you are from Florida like John, visit our blog to learn more about your landscaping options and more advice on how to deal with Florida grass and keep your edge solution where it’s meant to be - no matter what kind of soil you are dealing with.


Our 2MM thick steel edging solution is the best quality material you can buy, providing a solid but flexible material border that can move around curves in your landscape. We use 14 handcrafted gauge COR-TEN® steel to help better control weed, grass, and garden beds from encroaching on hardscaped areas. Our metal edge solution should never need to be replaced and can last 100 or more years. 

Edge Right Solution: 

I live in Florida and everything is sand.  It is hard to use edging that works correctly and remains looking good.  The blocks on the edge of my little patio would not stay in place over a period of time.  A lot of homeowners mix up a little concrete and pack it against the edge block to help retain it.  Although it is unattractive and breaks up over time I was going to use that as a last resort until I discovered your Edge Right system.  Not only is it a breeze to install, it also looks neat and will continue to over time.

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