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COR-TEN Steel Planter Box
COR-TEN Steel Planter Box

COR-TEN Steel Planter Box

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10% OFF ORDERS OF $500+

Unit Weight: 50.4 lb

What could be better than a planter that never needs to replaced—unless you decide you just want to do so? This 4-foot modern planter made of hearty and durable COR-TEN steel is just that—tough and long-lasting, yet also attractive. Even better, it only gets more gorgeous over time as this marine-grade steel ages to a beautiful, rustic, patina.

COR-TEN steel is fairly indestructible—impervious to weather, the elements, and almost anything else that gets thrown its way. This makes the Edge Right Modern Steel Planter Box a smart investment when the price is amortized over its life span.

Another added benefit is that this planter has rolled edges with cut-in slots that prevent rhizomes from escaping, while still permitting adequate drainage. You can even set this planter on risers or blocks so that it appears to “float”—adding to its modern aesthetic and appeal. 

  • Nothing to assemble—planter comes ready to use
  • Has a clean, modern, aesthetic that is an attractive addition to many different decor styles
  • Made of marine-grade COR-TEN steel that is one of the strongest metals available
  • COR-TEN steel is fairly impervious to weather and the elements, aging instead to a nice, rustic, patina
  • Strong and durable, making it a long-lasting investment

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